Dental Marketing Motto

How To Become A Dentist Or Specialist of Immense Influence…In Only Five Hours Of Your Time
ATTENTION: Successful Cosmetic Dentists, Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists and Endodontists… 
  • Focused on helping elite dentists and specialists attract profitable patients, this new book reveals The Secret Recipe To Grow Referrals…so you can Get More New Patients Faster.
  • Phillip Guye and Joseph Preston are co-founders of which provides their dentist, dental specialist, plastic surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, physician and hospital clients with the highest level of patient acquisition success currently available in the marketplace.
  • “Referrals, also known as endorsed introductions, are like oxygen for any dental practice,” said Phillip Guye, co-author of Dental Marketing Motto. “Increased competition for patients will leave many doctors no other option than to resort to bribes as a way to save their practices. Our methods offer a legal alternative by psychologically influencing and persuading people to the point where they feel consciously compelled and even subconsciously obligated to tell other people about your practice. It’s like mind control and our system shows you step-by-step how to do it.”
  • This system reveals a technically legal, yet controversial Patient Getting Strategy so you can:
  • Position yourself as THE recognized Authority and Trusted Expert in your market so prospective patients believe every word you say (Page 58);
  • Attract affluent prospective patients, get more big profitable cases and dramatically increase case acceptance (Page 106);
  • Grow patient-to-patient referrals (Page 118);
  • Generate positive publicity to build your celebrity status in your market (Page 123);
  • Maximize referrals from other doctors with this super stealth marketing strategy (Page 95);
  • Obtain hassle-free testimonials and positive reviews from your patients faster than ever before (Page 121).
  • “Smart docs embrace our subliminal marketing strategies to give them an immense edge over their competitors so they can boost referrals and grow their practices,” said Joseph Preston, co-author of Dental Marketing Motto.
Phillip Guye and Joseph Preston

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