We not only increase traffic and online conversions, but also craft optimized, customized, and market-segmented messages to your site's visitors while incentivizing the online viral sharing of you, your product, or your service.

Guaranteed increase in your online sales
A recent Google survey found that four out of five people use search engines to conduct local searches, 88% use smartphones, and 84% use computers or tablets and amps; also, 50% of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search.
SEO & PPC Campaigns
Responsive Ads

The complexity of the whole rises
faster than that of its parts.
• 10 followers = 10 x 9 divided by 2 = 45 connections
• 1000 followers = 1000 x 999 divided by 2 = 499,500
While the number of people increased only 100 fold,
the possible connections increased over 10,000 fold

Social Media Maximization

We attract, engage and convert more of your site's visitors into new clients.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in "deep research" and the deployment of the targeted messaging obtained from that research. Our discoveries allow us to offer "customer acquiring" content marketing, SEO, PPC, reputation management, video, and social media marketing. 

You will receive segmented and pre-qualified leads that allow us to laser target your offer.

You will save both time and money as we research your competitors' every move.  

You will have full-blown sales funnels for each of your segmented ideal customers

Content Marketing

Our full-service content creation team will completely repurpose your content or create new material from scratch, then integrate this fresh content into all known modalities, using our modernized, yet easy to understand strategy. We tailor a customized content marketing strategy to each segment of your client base. Our highly targeted messages and campaigns make your site visitors feel as if you are talking directly to them, converting your visitors into long-term buyers.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on page one of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing combined with a well-crafted offer produce a visible and effective search presence, which leads to an increase in lead generation and sales.
• On and Off-Page SEO
• Local and National Strategies
• Social Promotion and Link Building
• Keyword Research
• Technical Website Audits

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We manage each of our clients' PPC accounts on a daily basis and continually split-test, monitor bid prices, and adjust the budgets of each targeted campaign. Daily reviews of your campaign help to make sure we are maximizing ROI from the spend on impressions and clicks associated with your campaign. We offer the most up-to-date PPC services on
• Paid Search Ads (Google)
• Video Advertising (YouTube)
• Display Ads (Google, Facebook)
• PPC Remarketing (all platforms)

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media services allow you to connect and share information with your prospects so that you engage with them in "non-salesy" ways to build your brand and top-of-mind awareness. The results of social media marketing are directly reflected in your number of retweets, shares, comments, likes, and views. We increase user-generated content in popular social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and thousands more. 

Video Marketing

Videos on your websites can improve conversion rates by up to 80 percent. Imagine what they'll do on thousands of video sites. Your videos can be everywhere with clear and simple-to-understand call-to-actions that make it easy for your clients to reach you. Videos are also the best media to use for content repurposing because they offer the ability to break a video up into smaller pieces, extract and market its audio file, and translate the audio into text, which allows for a myriad of posts, tweets, etc. Video marketing is the most efficient form of marketing except for referral marketing, which can be the most challenging.

Sales Funnel Creation

Online funnels are known to increase sales by 800%. Funnels give you multiple opportunities to follow up with prospects during their buying cycles even after they have visited your website and said, "No." Funnels create breakdowns of your follow-up methods into trackable steps showing exactly where to make small adjustments to offers and messaging while measuring the effects of these changes on conversion rates. Moreover, online sales funnels will maximize your leads by allowing you the chance to up-sell, down-sell, and cross-sell.

Reputation Management

Although it only takes a second to destroy your stellar reputation in the digital age, everyone will know about it within hours, and the evidence will reside online forever via Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The speed at which the Internet can expose and amplify a negative story, review, or rumor is so rapid that you must be in a position to respond quickly and appropriately. We provide both proactive and reactive reputation and public relations strategies.

Research and Analytics

You can't improve what you don't measure. So if a marketing tactic can be measured or tracked, we will improve it by using the best analytical measuring tools available. Our experienced research team consists of master split testers, who help ensure more return on every marketing dollar spent, and competitive analysts who keep a close eye on and report on what is and what's not working for your competitors' online marketing campaigns. 

Book Publishing

We ghostwrite, proofread, line edit, copy edit, format layouts, design covers, publish, print, and distribute our clients' books. Our publishing system positions you as the leading authority in your industry and creates global discoverability for your book via nearly 40,000 booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores. Being a #1 bestselling author will give you celebrity status, making you the trusted, respected choice. This raises the social standing of your clients when they do business with you.

A/B Split Testing

Guessing is the kiss of death for online campaigns. Improving all that can be measured will guarantee more and happier clients. 


Re-Targeting is currently one of the most cost-effective tactics for bringing past visitors back to your site with the sole intent of buying.

Contest Marketing

Our social contests will expose your offers to contestants who will share and endorse your offerings to your buying audience.

Email Auto Responders

We prewrite and automate follow-up emails to your email list keeping you engaged and top of mind with prospects and clients.

Competitor Research

See what is and what is not working for competitors' ads to save yourself time and money, thus directly adding to your bottom line.

SMS & Mobile Marketing

Text messages have an open rate of 90% within the first 15 minutes. (That's quicker than tax refunds) 

Market Research

Offers created for what your market demands or wants will outperform those based on market needs. We help you discover your market’s exact desires.

Survey Campaigns

Our surveys improve your sales by informing you of precisely what your segmented buyers want and why they bought in the past. 

Web Banner Promotion

Our deeply discounted media buys will display your online banners for a fraction of retail costs. More leads and less spending. 

Done For You Blogging

Blogging is important, but who has the time? We post your pre-approved content, building trust and authority with buyers and prospects. 

Landing Page Design

Customized web pages designed for your specific segment of buyers will produce more visitor-to-buyer conversions at a lower cost per click.

Digital Magazine Creation

Leverage the ubiquity of iPad, iPhone and Android devices by digitally distributing your content to your target market.

Crowd Funding Campaigns

We help meet and exceed your crowdfunding financial goals faster by implementing our own aggressively tested strategies.

Content Creation

Well-researched content can go viral within your targeted market. We do all the hard work so you can focus on closing clients.

Media Training

Learning how to present your message in a news interview is critical to maximizing the opportunity for “FREE” media.

Facebook Marketing

Paid and non-paid Facebook marketing allows us to present your customized offers and messages to highly targeted buyer groups based on their likes, wants, and interests, just to name a few. Facebook marketing, combined with viral-share contests, video marketing, and press releases, can profoundly amplify an accurately crafted campaign in a small amount of time.

Twitter Marketing

A goal-based Twitter Ads approach helps you to reach more customers, drive growth, and gain followers. We offer several other types of Twitter marketing strategies, for example, Hashtag marketing strategies, which are now stronger than ever for targeting exact audiences within your segmented campaigns. Twitter Tweet share contests have been vital to our viral video marketing campaigns.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing, the foundation of many types of marketing such as influence marketing and review marketing, has been hands down the most effective form of marketing since the beginning of marketing itself. The main reason for its effectiveness is the fact that it eliminates the trust hurdle most buyers have to overcome before even listening to your offer. This often overlooked marketing "strategy" too often, goes un-optimized. 

Film and Video

Commercials, infomercials, viral videos, indoctrination videos, documentaries, television talk, and reality shows. 

Custom Print Magazines

Your own magazine provides insight and advertises your products and services. Control the media, control the message. 

Webinar Promotion

Educate your prospects and sell your services through the "one-to-many" rather than the "one-to-one" sales approach.

Map Search Optimization

Google Maps optimization is an essential part of any successful local search marketing strategy.

Local Search Strategy

Now is the best time to create a local strategy for your presence on search engine results pages. Your competition has already started. 

Custom Email Design

We provide custom email templates designed by the industry's top email experts, and we fine-tune them according to your targets' wants and needs. 


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