Atomic Studios

Atomic Studios is set up to help many of us filmmakers especially if you:

* like unsupervised studio experiences (No know-it-alls telling you how to shoot)
* need an extra piece of equipment in case yours breaks down. (at no charge.)
* love giving testimonials when you are treated right (just kidding)

* to treat your peers with respect and expect the same in return
* are of the attitude “I must finish this production at all cost”
* have a ambitious shoot schedule that is tight on budget.
* don’t take good customer service for granted.
* need a one stop shop filming solution.
* are ready to really think big.
* are totally trust worthy.
* are just plain cool.
Atomic Studios is defiantly not for everyone. Atomic Studios is not for you if:

* you’re the nose in the air type (snob) and you’re just better than everyone.
* you are a short term thinker and try to take advantage of free offers.
* you are one of those people that look for reasons to complain.
* you think stealing is OK as long as you don’t get caught
* you like to blame other for your budget shortcomings.
* you are in need constant babysitting.
* you need a bigger tax write off.
* you write rubber checks.

* you are dishonest.
* you are an ass.
What makes Atomic Studios different?
* Free build days
* Free casting days
* Free Pre light time
* Free rehearsal days

* No hidden fees at all
* Free T-1 internet access
* Free on site studio manager
* Free trash removal (one dumpster)
* Free reshoot day if needed (100% completion guarantee)
* The studio is open 24/7 (shoot any day, all day, for no extra charge)
* Most importantly we understand that if you don’t finish or profit from your shoot, you most likely won’t turn into a repeat client.

To sum it up:
     For a totally flat rate you are going to get 24 hour access to a 15,000 square foot studio including a 200 foot linear green screen or white cyc, 48 foot black void, all the flats, all the modern furniture, all the high-end props and we even offer packages with our 20 ton gear package and a full crew if needed and again no overtime on anything not even the crew! 

Other studios charge as much as $6,000 per day for any thing close to what Atomic Studios offers. Now fraction of that price you can shoot at my stage 

I have the only 100% completion guarantee that I know of in the film industry. if you don’t get 100% of your shots done within the time you rented the studio you can come back on a down day shoot the pickups for free no questions asked…
The choice is yours…
     Risk the potential of not finishing your shoot and paying overtime to some old, jaded, tired, rude, studio owner, who doesn’t even care if you ever sees you again, or take your production value to the next level by all the extra time and money saved with our 24 hr shoot day & 100% completion guarantee and get the green light on a show with the budget you deserve. Call me as fast as you can at 323-851-3825 and it does not matter if its 3:00am we are open 24 / 7…

Thanks for reading,
Phil Guye
P.S. Many of us have left our families and long time friends to come
here to LA for chance at the big time. Lets make them all  proud. Every
decision, every second, every frame counts…
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