Reputation Management 911

It Only Takes A Second…

A world famous singer viciously beats his celebrity girlfriend and the horrendous pictures of his victim are distributed all over the Internet.

A comedian is filmed engaging in a racist outburst and the video is downloaded millions of times.

A once reputable organization is vilified online for threatening to sue a low-income family because their grandson illegally downloaded some songs on the web.

What do these stories all have in common?

These reputation damaging accounts received a massive level of online exposure and publicity that can be directly attributed to advances in technology. And, although these are not recent events, the stories, videos and pictures are still widely available to anyone with Internet access and a cursory familiarity with Google.

Have you heard the old adage that it only takes a second to destroy a reputation?

Well here’s the 21st century version…

It only takes a second to destroy a reputation built over a lifetime, everyone will know about it within the next couple of hours, and the evidence will reside online forever.

If you and your reputation are going to survive, you’d better be prepared to defend yourself, your family and your company by any means necessary. That’s where this book comes in.

The speed in which the Internet can expose and amplify a negative story is so powerful that you must be in a position to respond quickly and appropriately. Making a decision when emotions are running high and time is short is never a smart move, so you can only do this effectively if you already have a strategy in place.

Get ready and have your strategy prepared by reading Reputation Management 911: Defuse Online Attackers & Disarm Dishonest Competitors.

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