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You may often hear statements like: "A website should not just catch the eye. It's role is to attract and keep the user, as well as communicate to him or her your brand message and raise user awareness about product or service." That's all well and nice, but what about "growing your list while converting more visitors into buyers?

Your website's visitors will not give you a second chance to make a first impression...

In a cluttered digital world, first impressions are like air to your ability to get a compelling message across to a potential buyer that already has their mouse pointer on the back button before your page even loads. Confuse your visitor with a bunch of fluff and tricky navigation and they are gone before you have a chance to explain what really matters to them. 

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Even if your product or service can benefit everyone all of the time you must use copy that speaks directly to your targeted audience and not make your sites messaging too general. We fully understand that your products and services can and often do cater to more than one group of buyers so we also focus on constructing your site in a way that segments your targeted visitors in a way that makes your visitor feel as if you specialize in solving problems and concerns that they have as an individual.

For example a limo service that offers the famous "Limos For All Occasions” (You would be shocked how often we see this type of message to the visitor and even more shocked on how ineffective it is when it comes to making the phones ring.) would want to have a website that is segmented specifically to wedding brides, prom kids, funeral services, airport travel etc. because each of these different buyers feel that their needs are very different than the others. Imagine the disconnect between your buyer and your “compelling” message if you were to mix them up. You would have already grieving widows in a deep depression being reminded of their wedding day. Prom kids wondering what does being on time for a flight has to do with their prom limo and a ton of other possible reasons for the person looking to rent a limo to simply hit the back button. Simply put our team designs your website to convey a very strong, very clear and very compelling first impression to your highly targeted and segmented audience.
First impressions are just that first impressions. What next? A web design that turns those impressed visitors into buyers is what puts the food on your table. Sure users enjoy visiting sites that look aesthetically appealing and are easy to navigate, but they also need to be incentivized, directed and made to feel that their social status will be raised among their peer group if there is even a chance of them sharing our site with their friends let alone giving us their name and email for follow-up communications, offers, specials or what ever else we like to call our follow up-sales pitches.  
Our agency's goal is not only to get you noticed in a digital world, but also to build a subconscious obligation to "buy" within all your visitors. We provide various design sets and templates that save you thousands being that we do not have to start from scratch. We have access to over 20,000 very high-end templates that we modify to custom fit "YOUR” segmented buyers wants. No more crossing your fingers hoping it all turns out well. We focus on creating a website to fit your brand and most importantly turning your visitors in to buyers as fast as possible. 
You will most certainly come across web design firms that bloat about how "original" and great their sites are. (even though most of these same designers are using templates as the frame work of their "original sites") The part 2 of their story is that those same original sites are lucky to even pay for themselves and really do no more than act as a brochure that brags to its viewers about how great the company is instead of showing proper understanding of the visitors problem much less any sort of results in advance of a payment form the visitor.
Here is our stance on templates... If you reach into your wallet and pull out just about any business card no matter the shape or what its made of, it is a template. Does that mean business cards can't show originality unless its made out of steel, tear-proof plastic, wood etc. or does it mean that its true value has more to do with the message on that "template" aka business card? It may not sound "cool" but if you own a small to medium sized business "innovation" can cost you profitability especially in today's digital world that is full of distraction. First impression attention is necessary but the message associated with that first impression better damn well connect with the beholder or prospect if you expect to get any further attention, money or referrals. (Which is why you have a site built in the first place)

If for any reason you do want something totally original we can absolutely provide to you a site like no other however our focus is more than anything else is for your site to convert visitors in to long time clients customers and buyers. The great thing about templates that are built to convert is that there is already quite a bit of pre-testing already done. Does that mean that we won’t A/B split test your site? Of course not but we will have a pre-tested control (A) to start from so that we can focus our treatments (B) on the big factors like headlines, sub-headlines and sign-up offers first as opposed to layout, usability, background colors, fonts and other "non-benifit driving” factors. Our team presents, revises and collaborates with you until we finalize the entire design along with an effective tested sales funnel to your segment of the niche you are selling to.

We believe that a close collaboration with you and your buyer’s mindset and perspective is the foundation for an outstanding financial result from your website. We collaborate at all stages of the process, starting with a content audit when we set up your wants and requirements, then a competitive analysis which outlines your stand out opportunities, finally interviews with past, present and prospects combined with user testing to better understand how to segment your audience and how each of those buying groups think. Google’s testing has proven over and over again that websites that try to speak to everyone, ends up speaking to no one. Having a website set up with very specific landing pages helps make the visitor feel that you are talking to them as an individual. 
We currently own several in-house developed user behavior and tracking plug-ins that will record each and every visitors session letting us know where sticking points on the website might exist. Our heat map tracking plug-in will show us where most people clicked and most importantly where people did not click along with where the visitors mouse hovers over the most and how often the visitors scroll your sites page up or down. The scary fact is on average only 15% of website visitors ever scroll down to see what's under the “fold” (which is the bottom part of the page that meets the bottom of your browser) In addition to the two the two site plug-ins just mentioned, we also own developer licenses to almost 60 automated marketing, user enhancing, analytic and testing WordPress plug-ins that are available at no extra charge to you when you give the honor of creating one of our customer getting sites for you.

We saved the search engine optimization part of our web design content until the end for no other reason than a site on page one of Google that won’t influence or persuade your visitors to buy from you or your business is a total waste of your money and far more importantly, your time…

Nowadays more than ever before, the value of your content has everything to do with long lasting SEO results. It's no longer just about how many links you have pointed to your site or how many keyword stuffed pages exist on you site. Its about "engagement" and the word engagement gets thrown around more than all the footballs in off season practice. The word engagement is defined in many interesting way from   to the ones that applies here which is :

Engagement: The concept of engagement was popularized by Kahn in 1990, who related this concept to the notion of psychological presence. According to his definition, engagement refers to the state in which individuals express their entire self--physically, cognitively, and emotionally--in their role.  

Ok, Kahn sounds like a smart guy but because it applies to SEO and supposedly is what Google now wants in order for you to safely stay ranked ahead of your competitors, what does it really mean to you?

Here is what our translation of engagement means to your SEO: The word engagement as it relates to SEO starts of with the desire to frame your prospects perspective of how deeply you the business owner measure their conscious and subconscious wants as opposed to their needs. This perceived measure is far deeper than a measure of interaction with and/or the social sharing of your site content. More even than the measure of your ability to understand and share the feelings of your prospect. (which would quite simply be synonymous with the word "empathy") Its more a measure of a very hard to describe mix of feelings that include:

• Conscious relief of frustration - as it relates to the prospects suspension of disbelief that their problem will not be solved.
• Conscious trust - in your empathy for your visitor,
• Subconscious heroism - as it relates to sharing your sites content with their friends
• Subconscious obligation - as it relates to you prospects picking you to solve their problem 

You must keep in mind that your service, product, advice etc. is no more than what is in the way of your prospect achieving what he or she really WANTS...
Prospects buy what they WANT, however not necessarily what they NEED...

At this point any SEO company knows all of the meta data optimization tricks and how to get cheap links from every corner of the globe. The reason this is because these easy to implement strategies have been rehashed to no end in every $97 to $1997 SEO/Social Media "learn at your own pace - home study course" known to man and woman. We are not in any against learning about anything to do with marketing or physiological persuasion tactics and the fact is that we have bought just about all of these SEO courses. The number one problem with everyone of them is that the training is broken up in the following manner: 
• 10% How great the teacher is. (Most entertaining portion of the trainings by far)
• 20% (at best) Actual SEO strategy. (Most of which is completely rehashed)
• 70+% How to find clients to sell SEO services to. (Which has some value to an SEO Agency)

Are there a few tricks left here and there? Absolutely there is and there always will be. The proper question is "How long will they last?" the next question is "Can you sustain a business based on tricks that are bound to be discovered by Google's algorithm?" Full disclosure, We LOVE "Black Hat" tricks and tips and when combined with amazing content that your buyers share, these tricks can be totally camouflaged, and even more so by mass amounts of "real" social sharing than by any other way... 

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