I truly hope that you already know the following statement . . .

…The #1 reason that businesses fail has nothing to do with the lack of dollars spent on marketing, but the disconnect between the message in the marketing and the prospect to which the marketing message was intended for.
-Phil Guye

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2. Need someone that can give you the truth about how search engine placement works?

3. Want to know exactly what your competitors do to get their search engine rankings?

4. Got questions about Adwords, Bing, Facebook, or other pay per click services?

5. Are you wondering why banner ads don’t seem to work at all anymore?

6. Thinking of how to start an effective yet affordable video marketing campaign?

7. Not sure what Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any web 2.0 property means to your business?

8. Unsure what the hell Split Testing, List Segmentation, Micro Commitments, & Funnel Optimization really mean?

9. Does social bookmarking and sharing pictures and videos with your friends confuse you too?

10. Need accurate advice on search engine optimization over the phone or in person for free?


I know, I know, number 10 is the scary one...

Anytime someone offers something for free there is always a catch. So here is the catch. I am so confident that what I tell you will will help convert more visitors in to clients/sales and grow your business that you will not have time to continue your own online marketing efforts.

Whether working in the field or just advising clients, you will be doing what you do best. To show you that we are not just another know everything and deliver nothing online marketing firm, I am willing to bet several hours of my own time that you will end up hiring us to take your online marketing campaign to the next level. I am available 20 hrs a day 7 days a week at:



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